Invoice control

Do you need help with invoice control?

Usually, serveral invoices are received from different carriers each month, and often the quickest solution is just to pay them without reviewing them and verifying that the expenses match the deals.

DTO manages everything in connection with invoice controlling. The only thing you need to do is to account and pay the invoice. 


DTO performs the following tasks:


  • 100% control of warehouses all shipments according to the agreed prices for sea freight, air freight, courier and road transport
  • DTO maintains all dialogue with your carriers and ensures that all settlement errors are corrected and credited
  • In new markets we assess whether prices are reasonable or whether they should be negotiated
  • Any new additions will be challenged and removed if possible
  • If there are any unknown deviations, DTO will contact the respective responsible person at the customer


The only thing we need is a copy of your contract and the price agreements, as well as the monthly invoice and shipping statistics in Excel from the carriers.

We will personally investigate for billing errors, lack of benefit calculation and consolidation errors. Furthermore, we will measure the gain you have gotten by having DTO as your partner.


What can you expect?

Typically, errors are found for 1-3% of the invoice amount, giving our customers a positiv payback. Furthermore, our customers save internal time, since they no longer have to worry about finding time for these tasks.

Over time, the larger errors will disappear, but errors typically persist throughout the term of agreement and new additions come up that must be challenged with facts and detailed knowledge. That is why we are a regular supplier of this product.


Do you want our help with invoice controlling?

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