Customers of Dansk Transportoptimering

Do you want to hear whom we already helped, before making your decision? At Dansk Transportoptimering we have worked with a lot of different companies. They all have transportation of goods, as a part of their business, in common – and they had a desire to make things better and more cost efficient.

Transportation of goods

We never work for transport selling companies, because we want to be independent, but we have worked in many different industries, such as wind power, media, paper, and spare part - so surely we can also help you. If required we can get you in contact with relevant persons, who can tell you about the project we were involved in, if you want their opinion on us.

Here you see a sample of customers whom we have helped. You will find a larger list of our customers at the bottom of this page.

Customers with transportation of goods as part of their business

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