Who is Dansk Transportoptimering?

We are specialists in transport and process optimization, and we advise transport-purchasing companies on how to optimize and improve transport, distribution and logistics. We have assisted our customers with a total transport purchase of over five billion DKK, and we have achieved savings of more than 20%.

“Our customers have saved more than one billion DKK, so we can surely help you saving a lot on your transportation costs.”

We take part in the whole supply chain working with process optimizing

With us as your transport advisor you surely will find savings and improvements on several areas in your organisation, as we monitor the whole supply chain. “We will not let go of a project before the final improvements and solutions are established in your company”.

Our key areas are

External logistics

  • Transport
  • Stock
  • Simulations and calculations

Internal logistics

  • Process optimization
  • Development of optimization tools
  • Transport strategy

Transport strategy The history behind Dansk Transportoptimering

Established in 1997, Dansk Transportoptimering is a consultant company, employing three advisors currently and some freelance advisors, with a wide network in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the World. Our headquarter is in Fredericia, and from here we are serving our customers in Denmark and the rest of the World.

“Our customers are ranging from the smaller transport purchasers to the largest sales and industrial companies, national and abroad."

Measurable results through simple methods

Our vision is to create measurable results through simple methods for our customers. “We will transform transportation into a service – a competitive advantage – and not just a cost for you.”

As a smaller company, we are not limited or controlled by being concept driven. “Our approach is task related, and we do a project based on your needs and demands. ” We deliver tangible savings and improvements for you, which are measurable in your budgets immediately.

Read more about, how we work with transport optimizing here.

Need assistance in optimizing your transport and

in-house work processes? - Send us an e-mail.

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