Freight Consultants - What does it cost?

Dansk Transportoptimering A/S works exclusively on hourly cost, or a fixed project cost price, as freight consultants. We see it as our strength, that customers or suppliers have a clear agreement on price and budget, avoiding unpleasant surprises in costs.

“No matter which billing method you choose, we never exceed the agreed budget”

This means that you already before starting a project know the total costs, time consumption internally and externally, and that you have specified costs to relate to.

The projects pay-back time

Even though the price itself is interesting, we think it is more relevant to talk about the pay-back time of the projects, meaning how soon the savings exceed the costs.

“Dansk Transportoptimering has created savings for more than one billion DKK”

This we calculate already in the pre phase in a transport-optimizing project, when we are selected as your transport advisor, so you have an overview of the payback time from day one. There will be no unpleasant surprises or unpredicted costs, when you enter a cooperation with us.

Do you need assistance in optimizing your transport purchases?

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