Lower transport costs through supply chain optimization

Do your company need less expensive transport costs? At Dansk Transportoptimering, our vision and business concept is creating measurable results for our customers.

“We find solutions, that bring better service and more cost efficient transportation to our customers.”

Are transport and transport related costs difficult to control and do you desire to spend less time worrying about it? DTO is the solution, because we are experts in supply chain consulting:

  • Transport optimization
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Logistics optimization

Danish Transport Optimization

This does not mean that our work is complicated, as we are creating results by simple methods.

Generally we have secured efficiency improvements for over one billion Danish Kroner, through a freight purchase of five billion Danish Kroner within Danish transport. Often we identify more areas to reduce costs within your organization. We are looking forward to securing your company with a cost-effective transport solution.


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”We are known for going through every aspect of the transport flow”

This means we pick out areas and provide the best supply chain optimization and cost reduction.

“What if you had the possibility to lowering your transportation costs by 10-20%? We can make it happen.”

Cost-effective transport thorough supply chain consulting – DTO

Typically we have a payback time of 50 to 75 workdays, so the results appear quickly.

”It is almost a promise that our work is profitable for you, and your transport will be more cost-effective.”

Custumor cases

knauf, Billigere transport, Dansk transport, dto, transportation optimization

Knauf DK

Henrik Petri,

”DTO is standing out from other operators by understanding the value chain, and taking charge of the implementing stage. DTO has absolutely made a positive difference for Knauf.”

nordlux, Billigere transport, Dansk transport, dto


Niels Skov Jakobsen,

”We experienced DTO as a very serious business partner, where credibility and loyalty is some of their key values. We are looking forward to continue the good work.”

broste, Billigere transport, Dansk transport, dto

Broste Copenhagen

Uffe Kloster,

”Dansk Transportoptimering represents professionalism at it´s best; simple, fast and very effective cooperation and at a fair price.”

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